Which turning tools are suitable for high speed machining

Mon Jul 04 11:33:26 CST 2022

PCBN cutting tool is most suitable for high speed cutting of cast iron, hardened steel and other materials. From the PCBN tool cutting cast iron and hardened steel after the tool surface wear and cutting distance relationship can be seen: when the cutting speed exceeds a certain limit, the higher the cutting speed, the PCBN tool surface wear speed is smaller, that is, the high speed cutting tool life is higher, this feature is especially suitable for modern high speed cutting.

Best tool material for hard cutting technology

Of quenching hardware (hardness above HRC55) finishing, usually by grinding method to finish, but with the development of cutting tool materials and lathe, especially CNC lathe, machining accuracy, eventually replace the grinding with hard cutting to finish parts processing has become a new finishing way, this kind of car for grinding process method has the following advantages:

(1) The machining flexibility can be improved, and the grinding limit can be broken through. The workpiece with different geometric shapes can be machined by changing the cutting edge and cutting mode;

(2) The environmental protection problem of cutting processing is increasingly serious, waste liquid waste generated by grinding processing is more and more difficult to deal with and remove, and harmful to human body, and hard cutting does not need to add coolant, which is of great significance;

(3) High cutting efficiency, short processing time, small equipment investment cost, can reduce the processing cost;

(4) The energy consumed by cutting the same volume is only 20% of grinding, so the cutting heat is less, the processed surface is not easy to cause burns and small cracks, and it is easy to maintain the integrity of the surface performance of the workpiece;

(5) Under the same metal removal rate, hard cutting saves energy compared with grinding.

Usually used for hard cutting tool materials ceramic, TiC coated tool and PCBN tool material, but to a higher speed (1000m/min) under hard turning, PCBN the best tool material variety. For example, the automobile transmission synchronator set fork (material 20CrMnTi, hardness HRC58-62) is processed by using the car instead of grinding, the efficiency is increased more than 4 times, the processing cost is reduced to the original grinding process 1/3 ~ 1/2.