What kind of milling tools is used for milling plane

Mon Jul 04 10:46:48 CST 2022

The cutter used for plane milling has insert tooth end milling tool, sleeve end milling tool, cylindrical milling tool, three-side edge milling tool and end milling tool.

Milling refers to the use of rotating multi - edge cutting tools to cut workpiece, is a high - efficiency processing method. When working, the tool rotates (as the main motion) and the workpiece moves (as the feed motion). The workpiece can also be fixed, but at this time the rotating tool must also move (complete the main motion and feed motion at the same time).

Milling machine with horizontal milling machine or vertical milling machine, there are large gantry milling machine. These machine tools can be ordinary machine tools, or CNC machine tools. Cutting with a rotary milling tool as a tool. Milling is generally carried out on milling machines or boring machines, suitable for machining planes, grooves, various shaped surfaces (such as splines, gears and threads) and special shapes of molds, etc.


① The cutter teeth periodically participate in discontinuous cutting.

② The cutting thickness of each cutter tooth in the cutting process is changed.

(3) The feed per tooth αf (mm/tooth), represents the relative displacement of the workpiece in the time when the milling tools turns a tooth.

2.Plane parts:

The characteristics of plane parts are shown in the processing surface can be parallel to the horizontal plane, and can be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, but also with the horizontal plane Angle into a fixed Angle; The vast majority of parts processed in CNC milling machine belong to plane parts;

Plane parts are the simplest kind of parts in CNC milling processing, generally only need to use three coordinate CNC milling machine two axis linkage or three axis linkage can be processed. In the process of processing, machining surface and tool surface contact, coarse, finish machining can be used end milling tool or nose tool.

3.Surface parts:

The characteristic of surface parts is that the surface of machining is spatial surface. In the process of machining, the machining surface and milling tool are always in point contact. Surface finishing is mostly done with ball end milling tool.