Three elements of cutting

Mon Jul 04 15:51:37 CST 2022

Three elements of cutting

The three elements of cutting include cutting speed V, feed rate f and cutting depth t. Among them, the cutting speed has the greatest influence on cutting tools wear, followed by the feed rate f, and the cutting depth t has the least influence. The cutting speed should be selected and calculated according to different processing materials and cutting tools. Too fast will cause the cutting tools to wear faster, and too slow will not reflect the processing efficiency. For example, ceramic and porcelain gold cutting insert will also cause the cutting edge to crack. Of course, if the coolant is not filled or the coolant is filled with water at the wrong angle, the same step will also cause the tool to overheat and burn out. Therefore, under the conditions of accuracy and rigidity, increasing the feed rate and increasing the depth of cutting are effective ways to improve efficiency and increase tool utilization.


Here is an introduction to some commonly used cutting parameters:

a. Cutting speed, the mathematical relationship between it and the maximum diameter of the cutting workpiece:


V= ——————               



b. The relationship between surface roughness and feed rate of turning and milling:


           f 2

h=——————  X1000              

            8 R

0.8R angle h=6.3 f=0.20 0.8R angle h=3.2 f=0.14

0.4R angle h=1.6 f=0.07 0.4R angle h=3.2 f=0.10

c. The relationship between the extension length of the tool and the cross section

                                   L                                                                L

Round steel tool  ————  <3              Round carbide tool————  <5

                                  D                                                                 D

Other tools also follow this principle

For example, if the drill bit has a large aspect ratio, it may be deflected, and the end mill has a large aspect ratio, and so on

In summary, the use of correct cutting tools and cutting parameters can achieve efficient cutting.