The main cutting tool for machining

Mon Jul 04 14:07:01 CST 2022

There are many kinds of machining tools, varieties are also more and more rich, the following we put the main machining cutting tool simple sorting classification.

1. According to the form of workpiece surface processing can be divided into five categories:

(1) Processing all kinds of surface cutting tool: including turning tool, planer, milling cutter, surface broach and file, etc.

(2) Hole processing tools: including drill: reaming drill, boring cutter, reamer and inner surface broach, etc.

(3) thread processing tools: including tap, die, automatic opening and closing thread cutting head, thread turning tool and thread milling cutter.

(4) Gear processing tools: including hob, gear shaper, shaving insert, bevel gear processing tools, etc.

(5) cutting tools: including inlaid circular saw blade, band saw, bow saw, cutting tool and saw blade milling cutter and so on. In addition, there are modular inserts.

2. According to the cutting movement mode and the corresponding insert shape, it can be divided into three categories:

(1) general tool: such as turning tool, planer, milling cutter (excluding forming turning tool, forming planer and forming milling cutter), boring tool, drill, reaming drill, reamer and saw, etc.;

(2) forming tool: the insert of this kind of tool has the same or nearly the same shape with the section of the workpiece being processed, such as forming turning tool, forming planer, forming milling cutter, broach, conical reamer and various thread processing tools, etc.;

(3) development cutting tool is to use development method processing gear tooth surface or similar workpiece, such as hob, gear shaper, shaving insert, bevel gear planer and bevel gear milling cutter plate.

3. Tool materials can be roughly divided into the following categories:

 high speed steel, hard alloy, cermet, ceramic, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline diamond.