The difference between turning tool and milling tool

Mon Jul 04 13:59:49 CST 2022

In real life, many people do not know the difference between turning tool and milling tool, the following is the difference between turning tool and milling tool for everyone to see!

1. Use and processing method

Turning tool is one of the most widely used single-edge tools, but also the basis of learning and analyzing all kinds of tools. turning tool is used in various lathes to process outer circle, inner hole, end face, thread, grooves and so on. turning tool is used for turning processing, with a cutting part of the tool; A milling cutter is a rotary cutting tool with one or more teeth that is machined by milling.


The turning tool includes the insert, the structure for cutting chips to break or roll up, the space for discharging chips or storing chips, and the channel of cutting fluid. Each cutter tooth of the milling insert in turn intermittently cuts the allowance of the workpiece; The end face of the milling cutter has cutter teeth, which is the processing part. It is mainly used for machining plane, step, groove, forming surface and cutting off workpiece on the milling machine.


According to the structure of turning tool can be divided into integral turning tool, welding turning tool, machine clamping turning tool, turning tool and forming turning tool; The milling cutter is divided into integral, integral welding gear type, insert gear type and indexable.

4.  material

Turning tool commonly used high carbon steel, high speed steel, non cast iron alloy cutting tools, sintered carbide cutting tools, ceramic turning tool; High speed tool steel and carbide are commonly used for milling cutters.