The difference between CNC cutting tools and ordinary cutting tools

Mon Jul 04 14:38:46 CST 2022

Numerical control cutting tool in high performance, high precision numerical control machine tool application, in order to obtain stability and good processing efficiency, generally from the design, manufacture and use of numerical control tool has put forward higher requirements than ordinary tool. The main difference between CNC tools and ordinary tools is in the following aspects.

1. High precision manufacturing quality

In order to process the high precision parts surface stably, so the cutting tool (including tool parts) manufacturing in precision, surface roughness, shape and position tolerance is more stringent than the ordinary tool requirements, especially the indexable tool, in order to ensure that the insert tip (cutting edge) after the transposition of the size of the repeat precision, The size, precision and surface roughness of key parts such as cutter body cutter slot and positioning parts must be strictly guaranteed. At the same time, in order to facilitate the tool and dimension measurement in the tool instrument, the machining accuracy of the base surface should also be guaranteed.

2. Optimization of tool structure

Advanced cutting tool structure can greatly improve the efficiency of cutting, such as high speed numerical control milling cutter in structure has more big spiral Angle structure, using waveform and carbide indexable tool is used in cooling, the insert mounted, module may change and the adjustable structure, and such as internal cooling structure, is the ordinary machine tools cannot be applied.

3. Wide application of high quality materials for cutting tools

To prolong the service life of the cutting tool, increased the strength of the cutting tool, a lot of numerical control cutter insert material USES high strength alloy steel, and heat treatment (such as nitriding surface treatment), can make it applicable to big cutting dosage, and the inserts service life also is able to significantly improve (common tool USES is after tempering process of medium carbon steel). In the cutting edge material, CNC cutting tools are more used in a variety of new brands of cemented carbide (fine particles or ultra-fine particles) and ultra-hard tool materials.

4. Reasonable selection of chip breaker

The cutters used in CNC machine tools have strict requirements for chip breaker. When machining, the cutting tool is constantly chip machine tool can not work normally (some CNC machine tools, cutting is in the closed state), so regardless of CNC lathe, milling, drilling or boring machine, the insert is optimized for different processing materials and processes of reasonable chip groove type, so that the cutting can be stable chip breaking.

5. Coating treatment of tool (insert) surface

The appearance and development of the surface coating technology of cutting tools (inserts) is mainly due to the emergence and development of CNC cutting tools. Because coating can significantly improve tool hardness, reduce friction, improve cutting efficiency and service life, so in most of all kinds of cemented carbide indexable CNC cutting tool have used coating technology. The coated carbide blade can also be used for dry cutting, which also creates favorable conditions for environmental protection and green cutting.