The choice of grooving tools and the matters needing attention when machining grooving tool

Mon Jul 04 14:02:20 CST 2022

Grooving tools can be said to be in the process of workpiece machining plays a decisive role, a suitable tool can not only improve the efficiency of production, also can improve the quality of the workpiece and so on the choice of the cutting tool and used to handle well the details, we will come and talk to you today: when the selection of grooving tool and machining grooving tool note have?

1. Selection of slot grooving  tool

Grooving tool choice is not only to start from the product quality of cutting tool itself, but also processing type, cutting tools, such as feed and cutting speed, if want to elaborate, probably more than 100 pages can introduce you to all over, everyone looking at each kind of tool that is able to learn a ballpark, here we mainly talk to everyone a direction of grooving  tool choice, From two aspects, one is a grooving tool cut into the whole groove shape, the other is through several cutting step rough machining groove final size, so that only need to consider the  grooving tool geometry, and then to choose to improve the chip removal performance of the tool coating to determine the grooving tool.

2. What are the precautions for cutting grooves when processing?

(1) Determination of groove category

When machining with grooving tool, the premise is to make clear the groove category of good processing, general groove category has three kinds of outer circle, inner hole and end face, the three kinds of grooves should pay attention to the coolant and chip discharge problem of the inner hole grooving and outer circle diameter grooving.

(2) processing sequence

The processing sequence of grooving tool not only affects the service life of the tool, but also affects the processing efficiency of the product. Generally, after finishing the turning of the outer diameter and inner diameter of the workpiece, it is necessary to start processing from the farthest point of the tool chuck, and then to process grooves and other structures.

Of course, in addition to the above points of attention, there are still many matters needing attention in the selection and use of slot cutting tools. I believe that we have found that in the actual operation process, today we will simply introduce here.