Steps for turning tool installation

Mon Jul 04 11:27:54 CST 2022

1. tools loading method

(1) Turning tool can not extend the tool rest too long, should be as short as possible. Because the tool extends too long, the tool bar rigidity is relatively weakened, when cutting under the action of cutting force, easy to produce vibration, so that the workpiece surface of the car is not smooth. The length of the general turning tool shall not exceed 2 times of the thickness of the tool bar.

(2) The height of turning tool tip should be aligned with the center of the workpiece. Too high or too low tool installation will cause the change of tool Angle and affect the cutting. According to experience, when the rough car is round, the turning tool can be installed slightly higher than the workpiece center; Fine car outside the circle, the tool can be installed slightly lower than the center of the workpiece, which depends on the size of the diameter of the workpiece, whether high or low, generally can not exceed 1% of the diameter of the workpiece.

(3) The gasket used for loading tools should be flat, and thick gasket should be used as far as possible to reduce the number of pieces, generally only 2-3 pieces. If the number of pad tools is too much or uneven, it will make the turning tool vibration, affecting the cutting. And make each gasket under the tool stem, the front end and the edge of the tool seat.

(4) After the tool is installed, tighten the tool rest screw. Please fasten two screws. Tighten them one by one in turn. At the same time, it should be noted that special spanner must be used, and casing is not allowed to be added, so as not to damage the screw under too much stress.

2. tool selection

(1) THE type, specification and accuracy grade of CNC cutting tools should be able to meet the requirements of CNC lathe processing.

(2) High accuracy. In order to meet the high precision and automatic tool change requirements of CNC lathe processing, the cutter must have high precision.

(3) High reliability. In order to ensure the smooth processing of nc machining without tool accidental damage and potential defects, it is required that the tool and its accessories must have good reliability and strong adaptability.

(4) High durability. CNC lathe processing tool, whether in rough machining or finishing machining, should have higher durability than ordinary machine tool processing tool, in order to minimize the number of replacement or repair grinding tool and tool, so as to improve processing efficiency and ensure processing quality.

(5) good chip breaking and chip removal performance. Chip is not good easy to make chips wound on the tool and workpiece, will damage equipment and materials, and even injury accidents, affect the processing quality and the safe operation of machine tools.