Purchase CNC tool products need to pay attention to the problem

Mon Jul 04 14:08:39 CST 2022

In the face of more and more rich market products, CNC cutting tool market is growing, how can we choose to suit their own, buy their own needs? Next, we will talk about the factors that should be considered when choosing inserts.

1. Production nature

Here the production nature refers to the batch size of parts, mainly from the processing cost to consider the impact of tool selection. For example, it may be economical to use a special tool for mass production, while it is more appropriate to choose a standard tool for single or small production.

2. Machine tool type

The influence of the CNC machine tool used to complete the process on the type of Hi-tech cutting tool selected. High productivity tools such as high speed cutting tools and high feed turning tools are allowed under the condition that the workpiece system and tool system are just right.

3. CNC machining scheme

Different nc machining schemes can take different types of tools.

4. Size and shape of the workpiece

The size and shape of the workpiece also affect the choice of tool type and specification.

5. The roughness of the machined surface affects the structural shape of the cutting tool and the cutting amount.

6. Machining accuracy

Machining accuracy affects the type and shape of static machining tools.

7. Workpiece material

The workpiece material will determine the choice of cutting tool material and cutting part geometry parameters. Tool material and workpiece machining accuracy, material hardness and so on are related.

The choice of CNC tool is mainly to consider these seven factors, the seven factors taken into account, I believe you will soon find suitable for their needs of the CNC cutting tool inserts.