Main cutting angle of the cutting tool

Mon Jul 04 15:53:07 CST 2022

Main cutting angle of the cutting tool

1. Composition

  Rake angle, relief angle, entering angle, front, main back, main cutting edge, tool tip, etc.

2. Definition

  Front angle: the angle between the front and the base

  Relief angle: the angle between the back and the cutting surface

  Entering angle: the angle between the cutting plane and the feed plane

3. Selection of main cutting angle

  Large rake angle: sharp, small plastic deformation, low friction resistance and low heat.

  Too big: low strength, easy to break, chipping.

4. Selection principle:

  (1) Rake angle

1. According to the workpiece material

Large rake angle: low hardness, good plasticity, large rake angle (5 °-20 °) is used for finishing

Small rake angle: high hardness, brittle material, cast iron material

2 According to the material of cutting tool and processing conditions 

  When the hardness of the cutting tool material is high, the rake angle is 0° or a negative value

  (2) Rear corner

      Large finishing angle, small roughing angle

  (3) Entering angle

       The size of the entering angle mainly affects the distribution of the cutting force in the axial and radial directions.