How to use inserted drills correctly

Mon Jul 04 15:41:35 CST 2022

How to use inserted drills correctly

Because insert drill is very valuable, it is the responsibility of every machining practitioner to use the drill properly and make the best use of the material. The correct use of insert drill bits mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Choose the right machine tool

insert drill bit can be used in CNC machine tools, machining centers and other power, good rigidity machine tools, and should ensure that the tip jump TIR<0.02. And rocker drill, universal milling machine tools due to small power, spindle accuracy is poor, easy to lead to the early collapse of carbide bit, should be avoided as far as possible.

2. Choose the right handle

Spring collet, side pressure tool holder, hydraulic tool holder, hot rise tool holder and so on can be used, but because the quick change insert drill collet clamping force is not easy to lead to slip and failure, should be put an end to use.

3. Correct cooling

(1) External cooling should pay attention to the direction of cooling combination, the formation of up and down echelon configuration, and as far as possible to reduce the Angle with the tool.

(2) The pressure and flow rate of the internal cooling insert drill bit should be paid attention to, and the coolant leakage should be prevented from affecting the cooling effect.

4. Correct drilling techniques

(1) When the drilling surface inclination is greater than 8-10°, not drilling. <8-10°, the feed should be reduced to the normal 1/2-1/3;

(2) When the dip Angle of the drilling surface is >5°, the feed should be reduced to the normal 1/2-1/3;

(3) When drilling cross holes (orthogonal holes or oblique holes), the feed should be reduced to the normal 1/2-1/3;

(4) The 2-edge bit shall not be reamed.