How to improve tool durability

Wed Jun 08 11:54:50 CST 2022

The slower the wear rate, the higher the durability, so every factor that affects cutting tool wear must affect tool durability. And the tool durability is an important symbol to measure the cutting performance of the tool. Therefore, we should analyze the factors affecting the tool durability, so as to effectively control the relationship between these factors, in order to get a reasonable tool durability, so that the tool has good cutting performance.


(1) The durability is formulated according to the principle of minimum time for single work parts, which is called maximum productivity durability Tp

(2) The durability is formulated according to the principle of the lowest process cost of each workpiece, known as the lowest cost durability Tc.

 (3) The durability is formulated according to the maximum profit obtained per unit time, known as the maximum profit durability Tpr. The analysis shows that there is the following relationship between the three types of durability, namely, TP<><>


(1) for manufacturing, grinding is relatively simple, the cost is not high tool, such as turning tool, drill, etc., the durability can be set a little lower, on the contrary, the durability should be selected a little higher, such as milling cutter, broach and gear cutter.

(2) The durability of multi-tool machine tools, combination machine tools and automatic processing tools should be higher for tool loading, tool changing and tool adjustment. The clamping tool can be turned and ceramic cutting tool, the tool change time is short, durability can be selected lower.

(3) For the key processes that do not meet the production beat, in order to balance the workshop production, the durability of the process should be lower. When the cost per unit time of a process is large, the tool durability should be lower.

(4) Large finishing, in order to avoid changing the tool in the process of the same surface, the durability should be set higher, at least one tool should be completed.

(5) The cutting tool durability on the production line should be set for one or two shifts, so that the tool can be changed during the shift.