How to eliminate vibration during cutting

Mon Jul 04 14:46:12 CST 2022

Vibration generated in the process of machining has a great impact on processing quality and production efficiency, measures must be taken to control vibration, how to eliminate vibration in the cutting process? What damping tools are available? Let's find out today.

How to eliminate vibration during cutting?

Want to eliminate vibration in the cutting process, first of all, we need to know what types of vibration in the cutting process, in order to suit the case, today to sort out the common vibration types, as follows:

1. Vibration of turning processing

The main reason is the low frequency vibration caused by the deformation of workpiece and tool rest system during machining, whose frequency is close to the natural frequency of the workpiece. And the high frequency vibration produced by the deformation of turning tool, whose frequency is close to the natural frequency of turning tool.

2. milling vibration

The initial induced cutting tool vibration will change the subsequent chip thickness, which may then continue to increase as the changing cutting force in turn causes the vibration of the machining system to increase.

3.drilling vibration

The vibration of hole machining can be divided into forced vibration and self-excited vibration. Forced vibration is the vibration caused by periodic external interference force. Because the work done by the periodic interference forces supplements the energy consumed by the damping, the vibration does not decay. Self - excited vibration is a non - attenuation vibration. The alternating forces that maintain the vibration are generated by the excitation of the vibration system itself in the process of vibration. Thus, vibrations occur even when they are not subjected to any periodic disturbing forces.

The main elimination methods for the above vibration are as follows:

1. reduce the cutting force to the minimum.

2. as far as possible to enhance the cutting tool system or fixture and workpiece static stiffness.

3. in the tool bar to create a vibration to disturb the vibration of external cutting force, so as to eliminate tool vibration.

What damping tools are available?

Vibration cutting tool is a system that includes different specifications of the damping rod, knives, pans and inserts, the main part of rod damping knife (pick), including turning, milling, boring and drilling rod damping knife (pick) series, rod damping knife (pick) with a calibration in advance good vibration damping system, through the vibration reduction (pick) rod cutter body internal shock absorber vibration is reduced to minimum. In response to large overhang and poor machinability, the use of damping tool systems can improve surface quality, improve metal removal, ensure machining safety, and reduce production costs.