How to choose CNC cutting tools

Mon Jul 04 13:58:43 CST 2022

CNC machine tool selection should consider the following aspects:

1. According to the cutting performance of parts material selection cutting tool. 

Such as turning or milling high strength steel, titanium alloy, stainless steel parts, it is recommended to choose good wear resistance indexable carbide cutting tool.

2. according to the parts of the processing stage to choose the cutting tool. 

Rough machining stage, to remove the allowance, so should choose good rigidity, low precision cutting tool. Semi-finishing and finishing stage is to ensure the machining accuracy of parts and product quality as the first principle, so should choose high durability, high precision tool. The precision of the tool used in rough machining stage is low, and the precision of the tool used in finishing machining stage is high. If the two processing choose the same tool, it is recommended that finishing machining can be used to eliminate the tool, the tool wear several edge slight wear, coating wear repair, continue to use will affect the quality of finishing processing, but little impact on rough machining.

3. according to the characteristics of the processing area to select the cutting tool and geometric parameters.

 The tool with large diameter and small length-diameter ratio should be selected if the structure of parts allows. In order to reduce the cutting force of cutting tool and cutting part, the end edge of over-center milling cutter should have enough centripetal Angle. Processing aluminum, copper and other soft material parts should choose the front Angle slightly larger end milling cutter, the number of teeth do not exceed 4 teeth.

When selecting the cutting tool , it is necessary to make the size of the cutter adapt to the surface size of the workpiece being processed. In production, plane parts peripheral contour processing, often use end milling cutter; When milling plane, should choose carbide insert milling cutter; Processing boss, groove, choose high speed steel end milling cutter; When machining blank surface or rough machining hole, corn milling cutter with cemented carbide insert can be selected; For some vertical surface and bevel contour shape processing, often used ball milling cutter, ring milling cutter, conical milling cutter and disc milling cutter.