Cutting tool selection and installation for CNC lathes

Mon Jul 04 14:47:52 CST 2022

1. CNC lathe tools and selection

(1) CNC lathe commonly used tools

The knife used in numerical control lathe has a round turning tool, drill, boring tool, cutting tool, thread processing tool, etc., which outside the round turning tool, boring tool, drill is most commonly used.

CNC lathe turning tool, boring cutter, cutting knife, thread cutting tools are welded and machine clamp type, in addition to the economical nc lathe, is now widely used machine tool clamp type, it is mainly composed of insert, insert and the insert pressure system of three parts,  the insert widespread use of cemented carbide coating insert.

(2) Tool selection

In the actual production, CNC turning tool mainly according to the nc lathe rotary tool rest tool installation size, workpiece material, processing type, processing requirements and processing conditions from the tool sample table to determine, the steps are roughly as follows:

(1) determine the workpiece material and processing type (outer circle, hole or thread);

(2) According to rough and finish machining requirements and processing conditions to determine the insert brand and geometric groove shape;

(3) According to the size of the cutting tool rest, blade type and size to select the tool rod.

2. Tool installation

Such as before selecting the right insert and cutter, the insert is installed on the cutter, and then the cutter is installed on the rotary tool rest in turn, and then check the tool installation size through the cutting tool interference diagram and processing stroke diagram.

3. Precautions

The following problems should be paid attention to during cutting tool installation:

(1) Before installation, ensure that the tool holder and blade positioning surface are clean and without damage;

(2) When installing the tool holder on the tool holder, ensure that the direction of the tool holder is correct;

(3) When installing the tool, pay attention to the rotary center of the tool tip higher than the spindle.