Classification of end mill

Mon Jul 04 15:48:05 CST 2022

Classification of end mill

End mill can be roughly divided into square end mill, ball end mill, radius end mill according to the shape of the cutting edge.

1. Square end mill: finish milling or rough milling, milling grooves, removing a large amount of blanks, small-area horizontal plane or profile finish milling;

2. Ball end mill: semi-finishing and finishing milling of curved surfaces; small end mill can be used for finishing milling Small chamfers on steep surfaces/straight walls.

3. Radius end milling : rough milling with small surface changes, fewer narrow recessed areas, and more relatively flat areas.

Each type of end mill has specifications according to the number of flute: 2 flutes, 3 flutes, 4 flutes.

The integral end mill can be divided into two types according to the cooling method: external cooling and internal cooling. The difference is that the internal cooling end mill has cooling holes, the cooling effect is better, and the cutting performance is improved.