Classification and specification of milling inserts

Mon Jul 04 14:00:56 CST 2022

In this era of developed economy, the mechanization of the kinds of machining tools is more and more, the cutter is a very common machining tools, don't know the cutter have understood, milling cutter is used for milling and multiple insert of turning tool, and the cutter insert type is divided into a lot of kinds, the different types of inserts of their use is also different, For different materials, different types of milling inserts can be accurately dealt with. Next we come to understand the milling insert classification and specifications

1. milling insert which classification?

(1) cylindrical milling insert

Cylindrical milling insert is used in horizontal milling machine for processing plane, its cutter tooth distribution of the milling cutter circumference, if the tooth shape can be divided into straight teeth and spiral teeth two kinds, and according to the number of teeth can be divided into coarse teeth and fine teeth these two kinds. And the spiral coarse tooth milling cutter because of the number of teeth, teeth strength is relatively high, chip tolerance space is relatively large, so more suitable for rough machining, fine tooth milling cutter is more suitable for finishing.

(2) face milling insert

Face milling insert is used for vertical milling machine, end milling machine and planer milling machine processing plane, also known as disk milling cutter, its end face and circumference have cutter teeth, there are coarse and fine teeth.

(3) end milling insert

The end milling insert is actually used to process grooves and step surfaces, working teeth in the circumference and end face, not along the axial feed, when the end teeth through the center of the end milling cutter can be axial feed.

(4) three side milling insert

Three - side milling insert is used to process all kinds of grooves and steps, both sides and circumferential teeth.

(5) saw insert milling insert

Saw insert milling insert is used for processing deep groove and cutting workpiece, its circumference has more cutter teeth. In order to reduce the friction during milling, there will be 15 '-1° accessory Angle on both sides of the cutter teeth. In addition, there are keyway milling cutter, dovetail groove milling cutter, T-groove milling cutter and various shaped milling cutter.

2. what are the specifications of the milling insert?

(1) saw insert milling cutter: the material is high speed tool steel, specification is ф 60 - ф 200.

(2) straight handle keyway milling cutter: specification is ф 2 - ф 20.

(3) taper shank end milling cutter: specification is ф 14 - ф 50.

(4) cut milling cutter: material high speed tool steel, specification is ф 40 - ф 80.

(5) gear hob: specification is M1-M10.

(6) straight tooth three side milling cutter: specification is ф 50 - ф 130.

The above content is to introduce about the specifications of the milling insert and classification of relevant knowledge, believe that now you for the specifications of the milling insert and classification had certain understanding of the different types of milling insert is able to deal with different kinds of situation, very easy operation using different equipment material, and the milling insert, after all, is the sharp tool, So you have to be careful when you use it.