CNC milling machine cutting tool selection

Mon Jul 04 14:59:25 CST 2022

CNC milling machine machining has the characteristics of high speed and high efficiency, compared with the traditional milling machine machining, CNC milling machine machining tool requirements are higher, milling tool rigidity, strength, durability and installation adjustment method will directly affect the efficiency of cutting; The accuracy and dimensional stability of the cutting tool will directly affect the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece. Reasonable selection of cutting tool is also one of the important contents of CNC machining process.

1. Selection of hole machining tools

1) CNC machine cutting tool hole processing generally without drilling die, because of the rigidity of the bit and poor cutting conditions, the selection of drill bit diameter D should meet the conditions of L/D≤5 (L is the depth of drilling).

2) Before drilling, locate with the center drill to ensure the positioning accuracy of hole processing.

3) Floating reamer can be selected for fine reaming, and the hole should be chamfered before reaming.

4) When boring, a symmetrical multi-edge boring tool head should be selected for cutting as far as possible to balance the radial force and reduce the boring vibration.

5) Try to choose a thicker and shorter cutting tool bar to reduce cutting vibration.


2. Selection of milling tools

1) insert non-regrinding indexable carbide blade milling cutter is mainly used for milling plane, rough milling milling cutter diameter is smaller, milling cutter diameter is larger, when the machining allowance is large and uneven, the tool diameter is smaller, otherwise it will cause the knife mark is too deep and affect the processing quality of the workpiece.

2) the three-dimensional surface or variable bevel profile shape workpiece processing, often using ball end milling cutter, ring milling cutter, drum milling cutter, conical milling cutter, disc milling cutter.

3) HSS end mills are mainly used for machining boss and groove. If the processing allowance is small, the surface roughness requirements are high, can choose to insert cubic boron nitride blade or ceramic blade end milling cutter.

4) rough machining of blank surface or hole, can choose to insert carbide corn milling cutter for strong cutting tool.

5) the machining accuracy of the groove, can choose the diameter than the slot width small end milling cutter, first milling the middle part of the slot, and then use the tool radius compensation function milling groove on both sides.